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I smiled at Shark once the two medics were clear of the room. "Robustus seems to be a nice mech, knowledgeable too." I noted as the twins fed hungrily. Their little hands curled lightly against my chest, their legs shifting a bit as if to give them better purchase so not to slip off me... not that I'd let them of course.

Shark nodded, "Yeah he is both those things and then some. Hope he'll stick around awhile, I'm sure he'll want some background to how we got together."

I hummed softly to that as I shifted my hands over each twin, stroking at their backs with a single finger on each hand, "You'll tell him the truth of it all hm?" I inquired.

That caused him to look at me quietly for a short time, then a gentle smile, "Only enough of it that he gets the general idea of how you came to be, how things went for you over the decades and all that led up to us bonding. I won't go into details, and I doubt he'll ask. You could be there while we talk if you want?"

"If I could get the twins to sleep and have Ratchet watch over them, then I won't mind taking part. Otherwise, I'm sure you can talk with him without me monitoring you." I told him.

The mech nodded once, "All right then, sounds like a plan. For now, I think I'll leave him and Ratchet to their whims." a smirk slowly spreading over his face, "And I'm sure those whims will not just include drinking and talking."

"Meaning what exactly?" I asked.

"Oh you know..." Shark leaned close to whisper into my audio, "... doing some extracurricular activity involving crying out each others' names."

I stared hard at him as he pulled back with a shit eating grin. I gave a soft huff of an exvent before I told him, "Good, Primus knows that medic needs to get laid."

Shark smirked and chuckled. "Got that in one."


We got to visit with Robustus some time later. He insisted we bring the twins along so he could hold them and just observe them as if he were a proud grandparent. Eventually the mech went back to Cybertron, promising he'd come visit when he could to see how we were all doing. As for us, we finally made our official appearance with the twins to the delight of those present at the time. It wasn't long before everyone not on duty was showing up to see them and offer their congratulations. The twins got shown to the other younglings as well.

Once Ratchet gave me and the twins a last once over, we got to go back to our home base. Suffice it to say there was a party held in our honor. Depth was on his very best behavior, which was saying a lot for the resident xeno. The base youngsters were present as well and they were curious about the twins. With all the activity and getting shown about, the twins drifted off into recharge and I excused myself to our room.

Mind you I knew there'd be an alteration to the room when I walked in, but the extent of it was not what I expected out of the trio of xenos. The furniture had been rearranged and resurfaced with colorful padding. The walls and ceiling had been painted a vibrant shade of yellow in the main room. The twins room has been painted a pale shade of green. A large crib had been set up along with a chair whose arms were arranged so it could help me with feeding them both simultaneously. Several mobiles hung from the ceiling, one was of the planetary system, another was colored shapes, then there was one with Cybertronian glyphs representing family ideals, and finally there was a photo one that had some empty spots - obviously meant for us to fill how we wished. There was a large box in the corner that I checked out once the twins were in their crib. Within it I found age appropriate toys to help develop their minds as well as their motor skills.

Upon exiting the twins’ room, I decided to check out the main berth room with attached wash rack. Not surprisingly this too had be painted, a lovely soft shade of lavender. The berth had new padding and

pillows. The wash rack had been altered slightly so you could either take a standing shower or sit in a shallow tub. When I stepped out of the wash rack area I noticed that the aquarium that Shark had put in had some new landscape added as well as additional types of fish. I saw a small tray of energon goodies set out by the berth along with a card. I opened it to read the sentiments inside and smiled. I had no doubt that Magmorta had written it, even though the two other xenos had added their signatures to hers.

I commed Shark that I was going to stay in our room just in case the twins woke up. He let me know he'd be along as soon as he could tear himself from the party. That done, I sat on the berth and nibbled on an energon treat as I watched the fish in the aquarium swim about.


Time passed it seemed way too quickly. The twins grew both mentally and physically. Soon enough their first birthday had come and gone, along with it some new toys for gifts.  Then another birthday, and another. By that third year I was pretty sure that the male twin was going to have his Father's sharp teeth and I was thankful I had long since stop nursing them both. Naturally Ratchet had us bring them in for checkups to see how they were developing. To my rather pleasant surprise on the visit just after the twins fifth birthday I discovered that the Servabots' medic, Turnpike, was sharing the medical bay with Ratchet. Shark gave the CMO a good teasing about finally settling down, which earned him a muttered 'Bite me' that Shark found amusing.

Another five years passed and the twins were nearing their tenth birthday, they insisted there would be invitations done and energon 'cake' served. Suffice it to say every Autobot that had a child at that point was invited. When the day came, every child invited showed up with a gift in hand and a parent alongside. Games were played and Bebop happily provided music so the kids could dance.

More time passed, things were changing so much as were the twins. All the children were growing up in leaps and bounds. The triplets more so than the others. They still came to the base to play with the base children, even at their older age, but it was less often then when they were younger as they had taken the whole being the progeny of the god and goddess seriously.

The impression of more children that I had on Cybertron when the kids were younger had come to pass. Not just Bot children either, but the Cons had been busy as well. Battles had tapered off to nearly nothing, which opened the door to the Primes and Tetra Reris asking Galvatron and Electra if they were willing to talk about peace. They asked for some time to think it over, which was given. It wasn't too long before the first of the peace talks occurred.
I slept for a good long while, which I certainly needed after all the mental stress I had gone through with the wedding, plus the physical drain it had put on my extremely pregnant form. I knew Shark could handle things; after all he had some experience with the sparklings' of other couples. I wasn't too surprised to have two sound asleep forms curled on my chest and the lightly dozing Shark seated nearby. The room was quiet, the lack of talking and movement made me wonder where Ratchet had gone during my slumber. Surely he had checked in on us at some point? I'd have to ask Shark when he woke up on his own for I wasn't about to disturb the mech, he too had gone through a lot of stress the past week or so.

Off to my right, beyond our private area, I heard the med bay doors unlock with a soft clickity-clack then with a nearly silent whoosh they opened. I couldn't see who was approaching thanks to the privacy screen, but I could hear the footsteps and the hushed whispers.

"Could be sleeping." came Ratchets' voice.

"If they are then I'll wait." replied another voice. Not one I had heard before. Sounded older than Ratchet, possibly closer to Kups' age from the slightly worn gravelly tone.

Ratchet murmured, "I'll take a peek."

The foorsteps stopped by the screen and it was parted slightly, just enough for Ratchet to poke his head in - the look on his face when I raised a hand to offer a small wave was truly priceless.  I pointed out the sleeping forms of the twins then Shark - he smiled and nodded before pulling back out of sight.

"How about a nice mid-grade while we wait for all of them to be awake?" he murmured to his guest.

The other voice replied, "I'd enjoy that, thank you."

The footsteps retreated, sounded like they went to Ratchet's office from the direction of the movement. I smiled, pondering who the medic would allow in before anyone else.  Whoever it was had enough respect to not insist we be awakened, perhaps someone that knew Shark? I supposed I would find out as soon as my loving husband and our twin newborns decided to wake up.

Since I was awake and alert I made use of my time doing internal diagnostics to check on how my body was recuperating. I did every test I could think of and went over every diagnostic stat, mostly to pass the time more than actually understanding what it all meant - after all I still had stuff to learn about being a Cybertronian, being a wife and mother was going to be just another part of that learning process. I was thankful I had Shark by my side to help me through things, as well as friends to call upon if I had questions or concerns.

Once all the diagnostical tests were done, I made sure to send a copy to Ratchet's secure medical email so he could review it. It was not a minute later when I got a 'ping comm' from the medic himself, I internalized the comm so not to disrupt the sleeping trio and replied with a commed question, <Can you tell I was occupying my time?>

<A good use of it, thank you Barracuda.> Ratchet commed back, a pause and a soft chuckle as he continued, <I'm reviewing it now with an extra set of optics, he has a bit more experience than I do when it comes to post newborn readouts.>

<You mean the mech that came in with you hm?> I asked.

<Yes. Old friend of mine. You'll meet him soon as Shark is awake. Comm when he does?> Ratchet inquires.

<Sure. Enjoy that mid-grade.> I stated warmly.

<Will do.> he said and gave a 'signing off' ping.

I pondered how to pass some more time, then decided I may as well check my internal comm for messages left even after I put in a 'post birth nap and bonding time' response. Not surprisingly there was quite a few messages - one from Tetra Reris who said I could comm her if I wanted hints on breast feeding both infants at once; another message from Tracer who gave me the 'post wedding party low down'; a surprising message from Depth who said that between him, Shadow and Magmorta had made sure that our room was ready for the twins arrival. This gave me pause a moment before I reminded myself that they could sneak in anywhere they wanted at anytime, even while you were there! I smiled at the thought of what would be greeting us when we got back to base. I listened to the rest of the messages, deleting them, making mental notes who to follow up with later and updated the incoming message to 'Bonding/Family Time'. This accomplished, I checked over my 'do later' notations from the past few weeks; seeing what I could do in the terms of reports and follow up emails. This passed a good amount of time, of course.

Shark stirred as I was finishing up a report. I kept tabs on him as he was going through full boot up, finishing the report and putting it through an email. Shark was fully awake by the time I was done. I gave Ratchet a 'ping' comm as Shark saw I was awake with two sleeping infants on my chest. Ratchet gave an 'acknowledged' ping.

Shark got up and leaned over to give me a brief kiss on the lips and grinned at me. A soft, "Hey." he offered.

Ratchet's office door clicked open a distance away.

"Hey." I replied back softly with a smile.

The sound of footsteps came toward the privacy screen, both stopping just outside. Ratchet peeked his head and Shark gave him a grin.

"Got a surprise for you, so offline those optics mech." Ratchet said.

Shark gave him a look, then rolled his shoulders, off lining his optics like he was told. Ratchet offered me a little wink and opened the screen to allow the mech behind him to enter.

"Keep them off until I say." Ratchet said, following right behind the mech.

I gave said mech a good looking over -- mostly white with red medic crosses, which marked him a medic, no sign of tires, but his build screamed grounder vehicle none-the-less. From his chin, a red goatee stretched down to his upper chest, nearly touching it. A mature mech to be sure.

There was a broad smile upon his lips as he looked toward me and the twins, stopping just in front of Shark and placing a hand on his shoulder as Ratchet said, "Online them now."

Shark did so and the look on his face -- a mix of shock and surprise then it moved quickly into happy. He stepped into the other mech to give him quite a bear hug; causing the mech to issue a vented oof. He hugged Shark back and murmured something into his audio so lowly I couldn't quite hear it. The two slowly parted and Shark was just ginning so hard - in fact he was practically alight with joy. He turned to me and said, "Sweet spark, this is Robustus... he's..." a pause, as if for affect, "... basically a Father to me."

I smiled, recalling the stories Shark had told me of the 'triple changer build team', and said, "Hello Robustus, it's nice to meet you. I suppose Shark already told you my name some time ago?"

The mech smiled and nodded, "He did. It is nice to meet you Barracuda. I wish I could have come for the wedding, I had intended to do so, but an emergency came up."

Shark patted the older mech on the back, "I'm glad you were able to come."

The twins began to stir with the talking going on around them.

Robustus moved closer and said, "Ratchet and I looked over the diagnostic tests. We agree that everything looks normal." The male twin chirped as he shifted his head toward the voice, the mech smiled, "Hello there little one."

Shark came up behind Robustus, "That's Stunray."

Ratchet chimed in, "He came out first. Though his sister didn't dally too long after him."

Robustus chuckled to that as I shifted a bit and asked, "Could someone take them off me so I may sit up?"

Since he was closest, Robustus took the male twin off me first and Shark moved around to take the female twin.

I sat up and smiled, "Thanks." to Ratchet I requested, "Could use some energon if you don't mind Ratchet."

"Not at all, be right back." Ratchet replied, moving off to get the energon.

Robustus smiled down at the twin in his arms, "Going to be like your Father I bet."

Shark chuckled to that and said, "I hope not too much like me."

Stunray chirped at the mech, palms lightly slapping at the medics' chest as if demanding attention.

Robustus hmmed softly, "I do believe its feeding time." he looked toward me and asked, "Have you had a chance to feed them yourself?"

I shook my head as Ratchet returned with my energon, "Not yet. But Ratchet here gave me plenty of material to learn how it works."

Shark idly tickled Stingray's belly, drawing a giggle out of the infant girl, "No time like the present to put that knowledge to use."

I drank down some of my energon first before tackling the experience of feeding both twins at the same time. Thankfully between my reading material that I studied and some tips from Robustus, I managed to get them both situated comfortably. Shark had to handle the job of getting my feeding tubes out from my chest and situated one in a each of their mouths. Once they got suckling a whitish fluid worked its way down the tubes and into their mouths. Contented sounds came from both.

Ratchet smiled and looked toward Robustus, "Let's give them some privacy for awhile and grab ourselves something to drink. We can catch each other up on what's been going on in our respective lives."

Robustus nodded, "I'd like that Ratchet." he gave Shark a pat on the back, "You take good care of your new family while we're gone hm?"

"You got it Rob." Shark grinned.

The two medics headed out of the room, their footsteps growing fainter as they walked to the med bay exit. The doors swished open then closed with a click of a lock - assuring that we'd be safe and keep our privacy a bit longer.
It took a little while to get things arranged for the official bonding ceremony since mostly everyone in the base had ideas on how to make it special for us, not to mention the fact that we had to have both Primes available since the elder Prime insisted the younger Prime learn how bonding ceremonies went and that led to Tetra Reris to wanting to be there to see it as well and so on until just about every Autobot and Servabot on Earth was coming to it. Shark had given up on even putting in what we wanted for the ceremony the moment the xenos got news about it. We lost total control over the entire thing and frankly I was thankful for that small miracle as I was getting closer to the day when the twins would come into the world.

Finally though our ceremony day arrived, and by some small miracle the Cons weren't going to interrupt it. I wasn't about to question why the bevy of cassettes knew that little nugget of information. The ceremony was being held outside, but within the walls of Autobot city, so the taller Bots could watch on and there was much more room to mingle. There was no 'grooms' side' nor 'brides' side' since we didn't feel that was necessary. Both Optimus and Rodimus stood at the end of a small pathway as the elder Prime asked everyone to be quiet and explained to everyone what the official bonding ceremony was about as briefly as he could. Once he was done, Shark and I were cued to walk down the pathway toward the two Primes. There was no music, and the only sound was the chirping of the local birds and the distant noise of vehicular traffic. Once we reached our spots before the two Primes, Optimus kept it short but quite official sounding. We exchanged prepared vows that moved quite a number of the femmes and even a few of the mechs to 'tears'. Optimus handed over the last bit to Rodimus, who stepped forward with this huge grin as he loudly pronounced us 'legally bonded by the sight of Primus'.

There was a series of whoops, hollers, and other raucous cheering sounds from the gathered group as we turned toward them all. This was soon drowned out by the four communications experts booming out music to dance to as a 'first dance as a couple' was insisted upon. Shark grinned and drew me in close, leading me through a slow dance. Once the song was over, Optimus wanted a dance before he returned to his office to go through 'the back log from the pit'.

I felt bad for the mech since it seemed all he did was fight and do reports with just barely enough time for himself. I was glad though the ceremony gave him some time away from the stress of being a Prime. He was content to slow dance since it gave him a chance to talk to me in low tones about how happy he was for us. I was only paying halfway attention to him though as something seemed amiss… as in there was a lot of pressure going on in my gestational sack due to the movements of the twins. The sensation of the sack tearing slightly drew a pained gasp from me and sack fluids came leaking out of it.

"Barracuda?" Optimus' voice was low in my audio.

Shark gave a shout from perhaps 20 feet away from us, "Get the medics over to Cuda now!"

I held onto Optimus with my left arm as my right arm drew away from him and I placed my hand over the lowest section of my torsal armor. Another sensation of tearing came quickly on the heels of more pressure. I gritted my denta as I heard the music stop quite suddenly, a shout to my left from Ratchet, "Outta my way!", another shout from behind Prime, "Excuse me, medic coming through!" from Gynae, a "Excuse me!" from First Aid off to the right, and from behind me was Minervas' quizzical, "She's having them now?"

Optimus held firmly yet gently onto me, "It will be all right." his tone very calm, as was his presence. Shark was behind me in moments, adding to the comfort and supporting me with Optimus.

I only barely noticed the elder Prime's trailer appearance as the two mechs guided me into it and as one got me on one of the berths within it. Then all four medics came in and as they had drilled it for some months now went into their roles as Shark took a spot by my head. Optimus retreated to the doorway of the trailer to keep onlookers from entering. By the time the medics had my torsal armor off, there was a sizable tear on one side of the sack and a second tear just beginning to form on the other side. Thankfully one of the medics thought to turn down my pain receptors.

The larger tear leaked more fluids as a tiny hand poked its way out, gripped the side of the tear, and pulled on it. A second tiny hand soon joined it. The tear doubled in size, fluids flushing out on one side. The sac drooping down until the head peaked out from the tear. Only then did Ratchet reach down to the tiny form and allowed it to grip his fingers. The second tear was working further apart as the first tiny form was removed from its sac and taken off to the side by Ratchet to get cleaned up. Gynae waited for the second form to poke its hands and head out before she let it grab her fingers so it could be removed from its sac. As the two medics were cleaning and checking over the two newborns, First Aid and Minerva tended to the sac itself as well as the mess left behind.

Shark had been mostly quiet during the proceedings, though his affection and love for me and our two newborns flowed freely from him through our bond. The odd silence was broken by one newborn clicking, joined by the second. The two clicked back and forth as the medics finished their work on them as well as myself. Ratchet and Gynae approached with their bundle of squirming newborn wrapped up neatly into thermal blankets.

"Got yourselves a healthy mech." Ratchet noted softly.

"And a healthy femme." Gynae stated with a smile.

Shark stood, making a soft crooning sound that caught both the newborns attention, silencing them momentarily before they made rapid fire clicks and whirrs. He took them both from the medics and settled down beside me, smiling at me as he clicked back at them.

"Welcome to the world Stunray and Stingray." I murmured softly, content to remain prone.

Minerva thoughtfully gave me a small energon cube to sip on as I heard Optimus' voice from the doorway call out to those outside that the twins were healthy and that they should let us be alone with them awhile so not to scare the newborns. I was thankful for his thoughtfulness, but I knew full well that his speech would not keep Tracer out… in fact I wasn't at all surprised by a voice above me murmur, "Ya did good ya two."

I peered up at the puddle of liquid metal that had a half formed face in it and offered a soft, "Thank you Depth."

He said something in return, but it was drowned up by the cheering of those outside. Optimus turned and called in, "I'll drive the trailer into med bay." Then he walked off the ramp; which closed up once he was off fully. It wasn't long before the trailer lurched slightly and swayed as it was moved with us all on board.

Ratchet and Gynae both were checking over the work of the other two medics, making sure they tended to me correctly then checking my vitals over. By the time they were done, the swaying stopped and the ramp lowered. First Aid and Minerva headed out to get a berth, wheeling it in, then the four of them lifted me onto it. As I was wheeled out, Ratchet stated that he wanted to watch over me and the newborns for a day just to make sure there were no complications. Gynae agreed. Shark carried the two newborns over, settling down beside me.

"It's been a long day Cuda. Why don't you get some recharge?" he asked softly.

I considered and then nodded, "I will. When I wake up, I get to hold them."

He grinned, "Of course."

A Series of Events Ch. 56
Eep, didn't realize how long its been since I uploaded a chapter for this fic. Enjoy?


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